Getting to your accommodation from the airport or harbour and back

The Malta International Airport is the only airport in Malta. Getting through is relatively easy. If you have booked the airport transfer service through us, you will find the driver waiting for you at the arrivals lounge. He will have a board with your name written on it. If you are part of a group, the group name will be clearly indicated or the name Future Focus. Look out for this. If for any reason you do not meet, remain calm and call us on 356 21 225884. This is answered 24 x 7.

The car or minibus is clean and modern. Drivers records are regularly checked. Drivers are polite and friendly. They know the roads very well. In Malta we driver on the left hand side of the road which many Europeans find strange. If you are not used to this please be extra careful when crossing the road. Our drivers will take you to your accommodation. He will have the details give to him from our office.

For the return journey.

Please make contact with our office at least 24 hours before to reconfirm flight times and transfer arrangements. Be ready 3 hours before. Drivers do not like to wait as they run on a busy schedule. Please make sure that you are ready and waiting for the driver. Check that you have taken everything because if you forget something we can organise to send it to you but there is a cost for this. Follow airport security instructions with regards to the weight of your luggage and what can be carried and what cannot be included. We are not responsible for any issues that may arise if you have difficulties with extra luggage or any items in your luggage.

There are flights to Malta from most major airports

Many airline companies now chose to fly to Malta. You can also come to Malta by catamaran from Sicily.