Do I qualify for an internship in Malta?

You automatically qualify if you:

Are aged 16 and over,
Are able to communicate in English,
Have health insurance cover or are in possession of the EIII card,
Have a European Passport,

If you cannot communicate in English you might consider following an English course at our School of English

If your passport is not European you can be accepted but you will need to check about the requirements for entering the country including visa requirements

What are the normal working hours?

Normally students are expected to work between 30 and 40 hours. Your work schedule is given to you on the first day of work and can vary from company to company. In some sectors students are also expected to work in the weekend but in such cases you will be informed beforehand (example hotel receptionists or medical students).

Can I ask for a change to working hours?

Yes you can ask your manager but this change will only be authorised if the company accepts. You need to be reasonable in your request.

Do I get a reference letter at the end of my internship?

You can ask for a reference letter but plan ahead. Do not ask for a letter on the very last day of your stay. Remember that your manager has his/ her own work to do and planning is very important. Inform the manager in advance that you would like a reference letter.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

For certain sectors you will be required to bring with you certain clothes such as overalls or safety shoes. If you are training to work in a particular sector where specific work clothes are normally worn please ask about this before you travel to Malta.

What if I am not satisfied with my experience?

You should allow for at least the first week to pass before you expect some concrete results. This is because your work manager will need to assess what you can or cannot do. If you are not satisfied speak to the manager or contact our offices. We will act immediately and will check why your expectations are not being met. If need be we will change the organisation but remember that we chose our host organisation with care. They are regularly evaluated and reviewed so do not rush and give the host organisation a few days to provide you with the duties that you expect.

What language is spoken at the work place?

Normally both the Maltese language and English is spoken at the work place. Do not expect your work colleagues to speak English all the time although we are sure that they will make an effort to speak English in your presence. In Malta most people speak Maltese and English. The vast majority also speak Italian and French. Few also speak Spanish and Arabic.

Do host organisations normally provide lunch?

No most organisations do not provide lunch. The only exception are the hotels. You would need to take your own lunch. You can also go out and buy a snack. Host organisations are all located in areas with easy access to take away places. Please do not go out to buy during work hours unless you inform and have permission of your work manager. You are entitled to leave the work place without permission during your lunch break.

Can I smoke while I am at work?

You can only smoke in designated areas. Do not smoke in prohibited areas or in public places. This is important as smoking in prohibited areas goes against the law.

Can I use my mobile while I am at work?

Some organisations are stricter than others in this regard. Ask your work manager if this is allowed but even if it is, try to keep private calls to a minimum. Also do not use the company computers or other equipment for personal use (example to access facebook or some other site) unless you have permission to do this.

What if I terminate the experience?

You will get a certificate for the time spent in the host organisation. You should make sure that you collect the certificate before you leave. This includes the Europass certificate.

What if I do not like my accommodation?

You should contact the Malta Interns representative and explain to her why you do not like the accommodation. She will do her best to resolve any matter. Be reasonable in your requests; Consider the location and the budget. Also think about access to public transport and the possibility to go to the supermarkets.

How does Malta Interns chose the host organisation?

We look at your cv so it is important that you use the Europass template which you can download. Tell us what kind of host organisation you expect and give us as much information as possible.