Johann from German

I did my work experience in a sign making firm. It was a good experience. The staff were friendly and getting to work was very easy. The accommodation was good too. I chose a host family but my friends preferred a self catering apartment. I recommend the Malta Interns programme by Future Focus.

Annelie, Sweden:

    "I spent four months in Malta working at a wedding souvenir-shop in Hamrun called 'Pensieri'. It was a great experience for me, both in the way of getting more work experience and learning more about Maltese culture. In Sweden we don't have the same kinds of weddings as the Maltese do, and I'd never heard of wedding souvenirs, so that was one of many new things I learned. I also had a great relationship with my boss, who not only made my workplace a good place to be, but helped me with whatever troubles I might have had and made my stay in Malta even better. She, and the Maltese people in general, are without a doubt the friendliest people I've ever come across and their warmth and the beautiful country itself has been an amazing experience to take part of."